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About Spirit of Ripley

Spirit of Ripley Campground is an RV park in Litchfield, Minnesota (established in 2017) that features a range of amenities that campers can use for recreational activities. These amenities include:

  • Availability from April 1 to October1
  • Lots are level & large measuring either 30 x 70 or 40 x 70
  • Parking for your boat, 4 wheelers, friends, etc
  • Pet friendly - please see Pet Policy
  • Picnic tables and fire rings stationed at each site
  • Nearby walking/biking trails, 18 hole golf course, bird watching, great fishing and more

Legend of Ripley

In March of 1856, legend has it that Dr. Frederick Noah Ripley & another gentleman were travelling from their camp on Cedar Lake to Forest City for supplies when they were caught in a terrible blizzard. After spending one night in the frigid winter storm, they set out again for Forest City but after hours of travelling found themselves back at the camp from the night before, but now without the supplies to restart the fire that had gone out. With no food or ability to start fire, they continued to try to find shelter but the fatigue & cold was to much for Dr. Ripley. As legend says, Dr. Ripley said good bye to his friend 1/2 mile from today's Lake Ripley.